Sunday, May 8, 2011

Now you know where you are at!

How was the WNS TT for you? Some potential lessons are your position and your early season fitness. First, how aero are you? On a windy night like that the importance of position is demonstrated when a whippet (Brian) beats a power meter (Ron). You can't change your body in 6 weeks but if you were thinking of tinkering with your position do it now. Myself, I finally narrowed my arm rests a bit. Awkward at first but that is what training is for. Second, are you rounding into form or lacking base? If you were pedalling squares before turning off H1A then you still need lots of time in the saddle at high cadence. Don't jump too early to leg crushing power drills, you probably aren't ready. Third, some of you guys are rocking it early! I believe Brad would give props to Trev's spin classes for what he laid down last week. So if the engine is already tuned, how did that last hill climb go for you? I started OK, but got ripped by that sunken eyed assassin Harley Borlee. As the hill flattened I tried to hold on, but jumped too quickly up the gears and got bogged down. There will be hills in Banff, so spend some time on your TT bike on hills, what is the correct gear for you and when do you grab the horns and stand on the pedals?

This week's drill, same as last week, but increase the interval from 5 km to 7.5 km. If you race in Priddis on Wednesday do the second session on Friday.

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