Sunday, May 15, 2011

If you weren't blown off your bike, you are getting stronger

Since it took so long to get decent riding weather I'll put up with some wind. I hope you are all getting the kinks worked out of your TT set up and bike. Thanks to Brian for the loner disc wheel.

The work outs are the same as the past two weeks, but extending to 10km intervals. Keep pushing through those last few kms. That is what you will have to deal with in Banff. Fight to stay relaxed, if that makes any sense, to keep your pedal stroke smooth.

The WNS is another great chance to test your TT skills and it can replace one of your work outs this week. It is also a lot of fun since it will be a "2 up" (weather allowing, if wet it may be a conventional TT).

Last thing - don't let your fitness or diet slip this May long weekend. Keep your bike nearby and nip out for a ride each day. Eat to enjoy, meaning eat for taste not volume.

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