Friday, July 15, 2011

Provincial Masters ITT

This race has been added to the ABA Calendar! It is scheduled for September 4th in Edmonton. I just might be back on the bike for this!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Report from Banff

First thing - keep the tires on the road. Glenn and I failed to make the start after our crashes this week. However there were several Crankmasters who did us proud. First a big effort by Ron in 33 min for Cat 5 12th, just missing the top 10. Not too far behind was Micheal in 18th. The team was backed up by solid efforts from Bob, Jacek and Brian. You'll have to get details direct from the boys themselves. I missed the whole thing as I'm housebound until my arm heals.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Preparation

The work out this week is easy - 7.5 km TT at race pace. Do this twice this week on your TT bike, warm up like you plan to for the race and do a full cool down ride. I suggest Tuesday and Thursday, and sorry, you should skip the WNS this week. Perhaps volunteer for this one. You should ride all other days, but keep it in the small ring. If you have been hitting the gym, skip it this week.

I expect we will race early on Saturday so let's plan on late brunch in town. If start times are published this week I will distribute to the team. If you haven't already email me via the president's link on the website to let me know you are racing.

Get lots of sleep and save the alcohol for the post race celebration!

That is all.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last Hard Week

You should be rounding into form now. If you haven't made it to Banff yet to pre-ride the course do it this week. Crazy amount of daylight so an evening trip is very doable.

The workout this week is 20km race pace. Essentially duplicate the effort that will be required for the race. It is the effort and time that is important, not the bike or the course so much. Even if it is your mountain bike on your trainer, bang out this workout twice this week. Start fresh, like you would normally warm up, an even effort, no power drop over the last kms.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pre-Ride TT Course - Report

After the Crankmasters Ride along the Bow Valley Parkway we hit Banff to pre-ride the TT course. Here is my take:
0-5km - start steady, get aero, smooth cadence, find your rhythm.
5km - very steep hill, get on the horns, out of the saddle, and pound your way up. I don't think sitting down is an option.
6km - after a false flat, 2nd not quite as steep hill, but who are you? I think a cardio beast should spin up, but a pedal masher should be out of the saddle again.
to 12km - there is a slight dip to let you recover, then flat, you should be just short of redlining here.
12km - last kicker hill over left abutment, which is why you didn't redline into it.
to 13km - flat across the dam, probably fighting a wind, so all those core/neck exercises pay off here. Normally I wouldn't say this, but the "finish" line is here. I expect the split times at 13km will pretty nearly predict the race order.
to 21km finish - mostly downhill with only 2 little risers. They will be more annoying than consequential. At race speed you should be able to make a quick power pop to get you over the top, then back to aero to the finish.

This week's workouts - I'm going to repeat last week's workout early in the week, then, and this is unusual, late in the week I'm going to do hill repeats on my TT bike.

The WNS race this week is a TT, but don't use it to replace one of your workouts. It is too short and too fast. I'm going to do it, but view it as a form check for fast downhill riding, not a workout that will build race fitness.

Also - our Sunday Ride from Longview will include plenty of hills, although I don't advise doing it on your TT bike.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Springbank race was telling.

How were those hills for you?

You should now be in a groove for your TT. This week the workout will shorten the recovery between intervals. Do this training ride twice this week - 2 x 10km at your TT pace, BUT only recover for 5 minutes between intervals. Again, make sure you are holding your pace for the entire 10km.

Our Sunday ride this week is from Banff to Lake Louise and return. After the ride I will be scouting the Banff TT course if you would like to join me.

PS - weather looks iffy this week. Don't let up, get your work outs done on the trainer if need be. We cannot afford any let up at this stage.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

If you weren't blown off your bike, you are getting stronger

Since it took so long to get decent riding weather I'll put up with some wind. I hope you are all getting the kinks worked out of your TT set up and bike. Thanks to Brian for the loner disc wheel.

The work outs are the same as the past two weeks, but extending to 10km intervals. Keep pushing through those last few kms. That is what you will have to deal with in Banff. Fight to stay relaxed, if that makes any sense, to keep your pedal stroke smooth.

The WNS is another great chance to test your TT skills and it can replace one of your work outs this week. It is also a lot of fun since it will be a "2 up" (weather allowing, if wet it may be a conventional TT).

Last thing - don't let your fitness or diet slip this May long weekend. Keep your bike nearby and nip out for a ride each day. Eat to enjoy, meaning eat for taste not volume.