Saturday, April 30, 2011

The countdown to Banff has begun

It is now 7 weeks to the Banff ITT. I will be posting workouts each week roughly based on Chris Carmichael's "7 week TT program", so check back each weekend. The first thing you need to know for this week is the WNS kicks off May 4 with a great TT in the NW. So check out that blog and show up for the race. The course is 16km and with finishing hills that will be similar to Banff. Plan on being on the small ring in the final stretches. This is a great early season fitness test and will provide you a gauge to set a goal time for Banff. The second key workout for the week is a TT simulation, 2x5km at goal race pace, with 5 min recovery interval. Do this Friday or Saturday. Myself, I will keep it on the flats for the first week. Get your TT bike out, clean it, lube it, tweak your position now if you have doubts from last season. Early June is not the time to make changes. During these first workouts focus on your form, keep it aero, head up and smooth pedaling.

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