Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Racing

Congrats to those that braved the sunny and dry conditions on Saturday to get in the TT. Props to Ryan Barr as the fastest C4 rider and to all those that rode and special thanks to Mark Perry for the course and putting it on. I think I was the only other C4 racer out on the weekend where I did the Perogy XC mountain bike race in Edmonton. Let's just say that 17th in Open Sport wasn't last but wasn't great. THe race was excellent though and a heck of a lot of fun. I think I hit half the trees in Terwillegar park at one time or another but the perogies were tasty and plentiful (even in the feed zone).
Details on Pigeon Lake are up and registration is commencing soon with field limits so if you're interested, check out the ABA ( for further details. Further on in May is the Millarville race (May 25th) and the Stony Plain MTB race on the same day if enyone likes the knobby stuff. Pigeon lake is in early June and then Devon in mid June which would be great to get a few riders together for as we did well last year and it promises to be a good race with 4 stages from Friday night through Sunday.

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