Monday, May 26, 2008

Not a Mountain Biking Powerhouse

With the Millarville race cancelled and the ABA road series taking a break I thought I'd report on my second attemp this season to attain mountain biking greatness. Although, I'd settle for mountain biking mediocrity. I did the Perogy race a couple of weeks ago and was given a harsh lesson on technique and the importance thereof. The Bacon race near Stony Plain is a little less technical and more for the engine, or so I was told. It isn't, at least not when it rains overnight. The pre-ride went fairly well and the roots and rocks and trees, etc provided a bit of a challenge but nothing insurmountable. Then it rained overnight. Roots get very slippery when wet and it is a constant battle to pick your way through tight singletrack. Needless to say, it was very tough and slow although not that punishing on the legs. Anyway, instead of being 17/22 finishers in the Men Sport race I chose to ride Master Men and finished a 2/4 a good seven minutes back which suprised me given the fact that I was certain I had lost seven minutes in about 2km on the first lap. Anyway, it was a ton of fun, very well run, and the weather was really quite nice, warm and dry. Props to the organizers and keep up the fun. And yes, there was bacon in the feed zone.
Come on out on Wednesday for the Merckx TT and let me know if you're heading to Pigeon or Devon. I'll missed Pigeon as I'm in BC riding, but I am going to Devon for the whole shebang.
Stumbling towards mediocrity, Jamie

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