Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting Into The Season

Time to ride, time to plan, time to race. And the weather is cooperating! or at least for the time being. Looking at my calendar, I'm full up with cycling for the next 8 weekends. I think it is time to start looking at some of the bigger races that we should think about participating in this summer. I'll go in order:

May 24-25 Track - Spring Clean Up - Fun for the trackies.
May 25 MTB XC - Bacon Buffet of Pain and Sufering - Stoney Plain mountain bike XCtastic. I only mention it becasue I'll be there.
May 25 Road (Club) - Millarville Marauder - Perfect for new racers and veterans alike. Close to town and a really good race.
May 31/Jun 1 Road - Pigeon Lake - Now with omnium power. Great race and now with a crit. Not far to go and a must for Calgary racers. Go to http://www.ertc.org/ for details.
Jun 7-8 Track - Velocity - Stop 2 on the Journal Cup Series.
June 14-15 Road - Devon Grand Prix - Another most important stop on the ABA circuit this year with something for everyone. http://www.juventus.ab.ca/ for details.

I would strongly recommend both Pigeon Lake and Devon as must do races for road racers in Alberta this year. That being said, I'll miss Pigeon Lake due to my training camp in Osoyoos but Devon is squarely on my calendar. Leave a comment in the blog if you're heading up and perhaps we can organize a group of people together. If you're available this weekend, give the Millarville race a go.

The Wednesday Night Series is moving forward with a road race this Wednesday. We'll race rain or shine as long as it is safe. Visit the blog for details (www.c4racingwns.blogspot.com).

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Thomas said...

Where oh where has Thomas been??? Well let me tell you 1st day out at the track he was doing some lame drill and crashed at low speed. No big deal right? Wrong he fell the exact same way he did 3 days earlier and it was too much for his shoulder = torn rotator cuff 6-8 weeks no racing! Only now is it good enough to do easy rides of 30min or less. :(
Since I'm a glass is half empty kind of person I'd say I'm out for the season, as I'm loosing my conditioning. Sorry team.