Monday, June 30, 2008

Madden TT Results

Kudos to those that braved the weather threats of a cloudless sky, calm air, and rather pleasant day at the Madden TT yesterday. Now, the weather did resemble the inside of an Easy Bake (tm) oven with slightly more pickup trucks and the course was certainly a challenge being for the most part uphill both ways, it was an impressive sight to see the hammering that did go on. All of the riders chose to do it as an ITT and because the race volunteers are at times inherently lazy, we just started from the hall, to the Madden Hall and back for a 44.7 km distance. Life isn't meant to be easy. The course was brought to it's knees by Frank Woolstencroft though, who frothed his way to a 64:15 (41.7km/h) before donating one of his extra lungs to ants at the side of the road. Bob Richkum snuck out of his house in Golden, delicately avoiding yard work, and showed up to pound out a 77:41 (34.5 km/h) spanking the rest of the locals in the process. Brian Beaulieu, one of the hard men from the Wednesday Night Series stomped it to a 83:24 (32.2 km/h) but wouldn't have exactly known it because I'm not sure he wears a watch. Terry Kozlyk was served pretty much well done with a garnish of lung butter in 86:02 (31.2 km/h). And 'Just In Time" Charles Irwin hallucinated his way to 89:26 (30 km/h) after a warm up which consisted of putting his bike together. He did look chilly though, with the goosebumps and all.
Rockin' props to the volunteer crew of el Presidente Randy Szasz, Grant 'the registrar' Gilbert, and Francois Dion, driver of the Bat Mobile and turnaround marshal. Good job all and thanks to everybody for coming out.

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