Monday, June 16, 2008

Devon Grand Prix

Not many Crankmasters in effect but those that came gave it their best. However we were almost all beset by little annoying mechanical gremlins. Cat 5 saw Jacek Kasprzyk ride home in 8th place in the TT in 53:05. Mark Perry saw the finish line quickly in the TT but it was because he only rode about 4km before flatting and riding back with a borrowed wheel. Carolyn Soules had wheel related mechanical issues but rode to a 7th place in A/B in 54:01. I lost to the big baguette and another guy in the Cat 4 TT and was yet again bitten by a mechanical gremlin as my fork seems to have been coming apart. Honorary C4 Racer Lev Krivitsky rode to a 19th place finish in 51:53 despite a broken front brake the rubbed the entire time. That man has the power.
I started the crit along with Paqtrick Brick and despite our best efforts we were both eventually shelled off the back and out of the race.
I won't mention the street spints but lets just say that I sprint about as well as a rock flies.
Carolyn missed the split in the road race due to bad luck but rode home in a decent 11th and I think claimed the Womens B title. I bridged up to my break but didn't last long, never recovered, but did hook up with four other guys and rode a decent paceline back in to finish a couple of minutes down.
Overall, it was a great race, well organizede, and I'll be back next year. My kiddos had a firetruck ride, a parade of kids on bikes and lots of fun.

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